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True Style:                                 
A Look Beyond the Surface

Wholistic Stylist, Glenda K. Harrison, gives substance to the meaning of Style by cleverly unraveling the traits, as well as the wardrobe mastery, and then beautifully weaves together the person who encompasses this multi-faceted word.
A Place Called Peace
​The Harmony Approach:
True Style Coach
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Glenda K. Harrison shows how painful life lessons can lead to personal growth and triumph in this compelling and inspiring memoir of her journey to find peace and wholeness.
Blossom into your personal best!
If you have lost sight of yourself, and want to regain your self-worth, then I encourage you to take the empowering steps in the Harmony Approach - an interactive, self-care journey designed for the woman who wants to reconnect with herself - Soul, Mind, Body, and yes, Wardrobe.
"Style is not what you wear! Style is who you are! This sums up my take on style, so I was delighted when I read "True Style - A Look Beyond the Surface." Glenda has so eloquently captured what I believe to be the proper definition of "Style." She helps the reader to understand the difference between Style and Fashion. She peels back 6 "layers" in the process of discovering "true style." This is a very thought provoking read and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to discover their true style.+
Cecil on True Style

"Simply Amazing. ...If you haven't purchased your copy of " A Place Called Peace" do yourself a favor and get your copy of this truly inspirational story of a true champion. Glenda K. Harrison takes you on an incredible journey through her memoirs of pain, struggle, triumph, freedom and tranquility. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. People search a lifetime and perish without finding true peace. This book will change lives... It has touched mine....
A must read. You'll find it hard to put down. Captivating from beginning to end."
Markina on A Place Called Peace

"It was a very enlightening exercise to go through the style assessment with Glenda K. Even though I see what is in my 
closet everyday, I wasn't really paying attention to what I really had. I knew I needed a change. Answering the questions in the assessment brought things to life in more than just my clothing  choices. Thank you Glenda!"
Steffyne on The Harmony Approach