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​As a Wholistic Stylist, I'm committed to helping women blossom into their best by unearthing their harmonious personal STYLE. I offer a variety of information to help you unearth your personal STYLE: Online Content and Books, plus live and virtual Courses and Workshops.

The Institute of Harmonious STYLE was created to further the educational experience by working in conjunction with my other services and content.

A Look Beyond the Surface

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The BIG Secret Your Shopping Habits 
Reveal About You

Course Instructor:
Glenda K. Harrison

Course Description:
A fun and interactive course designed to assist you in understanding how our shopping habits often mirror our views on style.  The perfect introduction course in your journey of unearthing your personal style. Participants will learn:
  • The True meaning of STYLE
  • Difference between Having STYLE vs Being in style
  • Why Harmony is Important to STYLE
  • Introduction into the 3 Sartorial Types

Tools Needed:
  • You'll receive a downloadable workbook
  • A computer system or device with the capability of playing YouTube videos

Course Duration:
Approximately 18 minutes


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