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White Space

by Glenda K. Harrison on 06/28/18

There was an area outside my kitchen window that beckoned for my attention. The space was once deserted and over-wrought with weeds. To shield me from this untidy space, I chose to keep my kitchen windows closed. However, in recent months, I have had the need to give this area my undivided attention.

It started with a Sunday afternoon dedicated to weed pulling; followed by the purchase of a dwarf citrus tree and a couple bushels of lavender. Next we smothered the weeds and covered the ground with glistening white pebbles; followed by a new bbq grill, Adirondack chairs and table; and finally a few pots of herbs and succulents, and a group of antique mason jars to hold candles.

Now, each morning, I gladly open my kitchen windows. I smile as I gaze at the fruit blooming from my tree; whiffs from the lavender; sprigs of Rosemary and Oregano are now ready to be used in meals; a gray cat has found sanctuary from the hot sun beneath one of the chairs.

But most of all, my space...my little, work-in-progress space, is where I go when I'm in need of white space. Freedom from distractions - a place where I can go to be lost in my thoughts, to detox my mind, and seek quiet amid the noise. We all need white space. How and where do you receive yours?

Stay True,

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