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Spring into Style: Fresh Accessories (1 of 6 pt series)

by Glenda K. Harrison on 04/18/19

Hi Friends!

Spring has sprung and summer awaits, and if you're anything like me, you've already transitioned your wardrobe. I look forward to this time of year - when I get to freshen my wardrobe by placing my sweaters into storage and bringing out my spring/summer attire.

With the rise in temperatures, and longer daytime hours, comes that extra spring in our step. With this new enthusiasm, I feel like it's a great time to begin a new STYLE series called - Spring into Style. In this 6-part series I'll share ways to freshen up your wardrobe, as well as your soul, mind, and body. After all, there's more to style than just getting dressed.

My great admiration of accessorizing is no secret. I LOVE it. Like I've mentioned on my previous blog (So What to Twenty), I consider accessories as the icing on the cake.

Here's my analogy - a regular sheet cake may taste fine. However, when you add the icing, it brings that cake up a few notches. Now, the taste, as well as the beauty of the cake has been elevated. The same theory rings true for our outfits. The outfit may be just fine without the accessories, but, when you add the right accessories, you bring your ensemble to an entirely new level. Notice I said the Right accessories, just like with a cake, the accessories (icing) could elevate or hinder the outfit. Careful attention to how you decorate is crucial. (For more on this subject, please watch my below YouTube video - Thoughts On...Accessories).

In this post, imagine the outfit void of the accessories - including the booties. Sure, the outfit is fine, but now, add back the white boots, the cat-eye sunnies, and the art deco cuff. The accessories, especially the booties, give an unexpected edge to a streamline look.

I word about white boots: I believe they are the hero in this look. Indeed they are the standout piece and cause this outfit to pop. Not only do they work nicely with the peplum top, they also make the outfit look more modern and cool. The ankle boots were a great addition for my wardrobe. I have many outfits to pair them with.

As you transition your closet into your warm weather wardrobe, consider how you can brighten up your pieces with fresh, new accessories - footwear, sunnies, jewelry, hair accessories, and more.

Outfit Details:
The shopping links are affiliate links. When you utilize them, I am given a small commission that helps with keeping STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison running. Thank you.

White Ankle Boots: Options at Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Skinny Ankle Pants (Julie Fit) in Coastal Grey: Loft
Lipstick: Bawse Lady Liquid Matte by The Lip Bar via Target

And now, here's the video - Thoughts On...Accesories. Enjoy!

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Big Day!

by Glenda K. Harrison on 04/12/19

We can all think of a million and one things we could do on a Saturday afternoon, like, grocery shopping, returning books to the library, getting the car washed, yadda, yadda, yadda. However, what could be more fun than spending time chatting about style and fashion with your favorite Wholistic Stylist (wink wink), in one of Southern California's cutest boutiques?

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 13th at 3:00pm) I'll be at the Blue Eyed Girls boutique in Upland, California to chat about True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, share my style secrets, and to personally meet those of you in the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison community. Sounds like fun, doesn't it!? Much more fun than grabbing groceries. Just saying.

Here's the great thing, on Monday, when your co-workers ask you what you did this weekend, you'll be able to tell them you attended a cool STYLE event in Upland.

See you tomorrow (Saturday)!

Glenda xox

Stinky Situations

by Glenda K. Harrison on 04/08/19

Hi Friends!

Life doesn't always smell like lavender and rose. As a matter of fact, some situations absolutely STINK! I just published my latest YouTube video that naturally tackles two personally stinky situations. I think you'll enjoy it.

Products mentioned in this video:

Kopari Natural Deodorant -

I hope each of you has a wonderful week,

Stay True,

Glenda xox

Guo Pei Couture Beyond

by Glenda K. Harrison on 04/01/19

"When I set my eyes on the creations, a wave of emotions swept over me. It's not everyday one has the opportunity to personally behold such brilliance as Haute Couture."

You may not instantly recognize the name, Guo Pei, however, if I remind you of the now famous supreme yellow empress cape which Rhianna shocked the world for her entrance to the 2015 Met Gala (China: Through the Looking Glass). The cape weighs 25kg, has a 16ft train,  and features over 50,000 hour’s worth of hand embroidery, and took two years to make. Since the 2015 red carpet moment, Guo Pei, who has been designing for over 30 years, name shot to instant recognition after that famed moment in fashion history. Now, her name and work as a haute couture designer has become the subject of books and exhibitions.

Recently, I was most fortunate to receive a private docent viewing of the exhibit which is currently shown at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. Bowers is one of Southern California's more intimate museums, and the perfect place to exhibit Guo Pei Couture Beyond. As we were greeted by the docent, my eyes were already beginning to tear. It is very difficult for me to put into words the glory of each design. Guo Pei, unlike other couturiers, concentrated on outfitting her customer with an entire head-to-toe look. As you scroll through these images, pay close attention to the entire ensemble...the custom jewelry, her iconic platform shoes, etc.

This magnificent gown is the centerpiece of the Elysium collection and fabricated from an unusual haute couture material - bamboo. Guo Pei worked with a skilled weaver to select a large stalk almost 5 inches in diameter that was harvested from the bamboo forest in Huangshan, Anhui province. The bamboo was woven into the elaborate lattice which gives this garment its form, and subsequently gilded and embellished with golden lace, flowers and branches.

In awe as the docent feeds me with incredible information regarding the exhibit. She told me she had such a pleasure showing me around because me excitement was contagious.

My husband was amazed by this dress. Look closely at the embroidery on each individual petal. Each one was carefully recreated by hand and are an exact match. Guo Pei used 24 karat gold and silver thread and the finest of silk.

I could not get enough of this fabulous silk embroidered jacket with 12-karat gold spun thread, silver spun thread, embellished with sequins, feathers and Swarovski crystals.

I would love to be the one to enter the party with a halo floating above my head.

I fell absolutely in love with this one (above)!

This oval-shaped gown was directly inspired by the architechtural dome of the cathedral in Saint Fallen. Founded as a Benedictine abbey in the 8th century, it is a treasure of the Baroque era and houses one of the richest medieval libraries in the world.

Having fun with one of the looks!

The exhibit concludes with this quote from Guo Pei. As I exited the hall, I whispered to my husband that I needed to go through once again. We did. The second time was just as exuberating as the first. I know I'll return before the exhibit leaves. I have to. It's not everyday one witnesses the brilliance of haute couture.

This post is but a mere taste of this unbelievable exhibit. To see these designs up close is best. They. Are. STUNNING. Make plans to attend:



Stay True,

Glenda xox

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What's Your Steez

by Glenda K. Harrison on 03/24/19

Steez - a person's distinctive and attractive or impressive style of dress or way of doing things. The quality of being effortlessly stylish or fashionable.

When it comes to my Steez, I appreciate comfort without being careless; I adore an unexpected shoe or accessory; I love for my wardrobe to meld effortlessly with my lifestyle; and I'm not one to overly adorn myself, in other words, I often subscribe to the less is more theory.

For this style story I'm wearing a super comfortable seersucker midi shirtdress (with pockets) from my go to store for relaxed attire. The blue hue makes my silver hair look extra luminous. Though the dress is comfy, I'm not at all careless in my appearance. To add extra interest to the dress, I selected a pair of whimsical pink marabou slides, a colorful pouch to house my cell phone, and a pair of sleek, cat-eye sunnies. A carefully curated look of comfort.

Here's a question for you to ponder:
What's Your Steez?

Check below for outfit details and clickable shopping links, and as always, comments, subscribing and sharing are welcomed.

Outfit Details:
(I'm wearing a medium and it's quite roomy. I could easily wear small)
Rose Marabou Lamu - Brother Vellies
Cell phone crossbody - Vera Bradley via eBay

I've dedicated the entire theme of the March issue of The DIG to the subject of Less is More as it pertains to our Soul, Mind, Body and of course, the Wardrobe. To subscribe to -->The Dig.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Unearth Your True Style Boutique & Book Tour

by Glenda K. Harrison on 02/27/19

Hello Friends!

If you haven't heard the news, beginning April 6, 2019, I am beginning the Unearth Your True Style Boutique & Book Tour (insert Glenda doing the Happy Dance)!!

My mission is to bring a more substance driven conversation to the subject of style, and to assist women with the self-care practice of reconnecting with themselves by unearthing their true style. This Tour was designed to bring my mission up close and personal to you.

I hope to see you at one or more of the following locations:

One last thing, have you seen the new logo for The DIG? This latest "Glenda" was created, again, by the gifted Allison Taylor. If you haven't subscribed to The DIG, simply click the link and you're on your way. If you have already subscribed but haven't been receiving them, please check your spam folder. Thank you.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Wild in the City: The Wardrobe

by Glenda K. Harrison on 02/17/19

A snake and a bear walk into a bar...

Just kidding. Don't worry, I'm not going to begin this style story with a bar joke. However, I do want to show you an outfit I wore when the hubs and I went out for dinner in the wild city of Los Angeles.

If you recall, I proclaimed the year 2019 as my year of Growth. With that being said, I keep the word and its meaning in the back of my head. So, when deciding on what I should wear for our evening into the city, I decided to don an outfit that would challenge my perspective toward wearing prints - an area I hadn't been too wild about, that is, until recently.

There's always that special something that changes your mind. My special something came in the form of a snake print dress, courtesy of C'est LA Vie Clothing Company - the boutique I dubbed my slice of French paradise. If you missed my introduction into my favorite little boutique, be sure to catch it on this post - STYLE According to the French.

My snake print dress isn't your typical color combination of taupes and browns. Instead, the colors consist of greens and yellows with touches of white. The dress helps create the illusion of the most defined waistline with a smocked band that cinches in the middle oh-so righteously.

Because the weather has been cold with rain, I decided to couple the snake dress with an ultra fluffy, camel colored teddy bear coat, and a subtle snake print clutch bag. Hence my opening remarks - A snake and a bear walk into a bar. Without a doubt, my ensemble for the evening made me feel Wild in the City.

Outfit Details:
Snake Dress: Courtesy of C'est LA Vie (sold out)
C'est LA Vie has unique pieces that come straight from Europe. Shopping at the locations will provide the individuality we crave.
Teddy Bear Coat: Stitch & Feather Boutique (sold out) - Options from Nordstrom

Thank you for reading Fragrant Pages on the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website. If you haven't explored the entire website, I hope you'll take the time to get familiar with this unique platform that strives to bring a more substance driven conversation to fashion and style, and to show women that discovering their true style is a self-care reconnecting experience.

Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on expanding your thought process on the subject of style and wardrobe. Where do you feel you need growth?

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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The Modern Approach to the Twin Set

by Glenda K. Harrison on 02/11/19

Like the next girl, I can appreciate a good sweater set. There's just something about a soft cardigan and sweater that makes me feel pulled together, and yet, quite comfortable. However, even though I dig the traditional twin set, I am also one who loves to edge my way into newer territories - especially when it comes to getting dressed.

In order for our wardrobes to resist going stale, modernity must be adopted. Recently I had a conversation with a woman who insisted her entire wardrobe from the eighties was still fresh. I had to explain to her that just because certain apparel ebbs and flows from our lives, doesn't make what we own from prior decades modern. Modern is taking what we already know and love and putting a new spin on it.

In this style story, the classic twin set is modernized into a cozy and easy midi dress with duster. As usual, I've chose to up the ante on my ensemble by mixing in a clever array of accessories. The results create a look that's comfortable, but by no means careless. Standard but not predictable.

Outfit Details:
Click the links for your shopping pleasure
Affiliate links are provided by Viglink. When you shop and buy from the links, I am given a very small commision.

As you visit your wardrobe, make careful note of the items that have moved past their prime, and have fallen into the area of being stale. After making this observation, consider replacing these old favorites with modern versions. By doing this, you'll still have the wardrobe you love - you've just brought it into the current decade.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2019

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/27/19

Word on the street is the Valentino haute couture runway for spring 2019 was slated to be one of the most incredible shows since sliced bread. Spearheaded by a genius Creative Director, Pier Paola Picciolo, after hearing the gossip, I knew it was necessary to drop what I was doing in order to poise myself in front of the screen to watch the runway LIVE.

Let me put this bluntly, I'm not your A-typical fashion obsessed being. Yes, I love clothing, and all that a really beautiful wardrobe can represent. But, I'm also a person who pinpoints certain periods in her life according to fashion shows. While some people are reminded of events when they hear a certain song, I'm reminded of events by collections. Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marnie, Kate Spade, Phoebe Philo for Chloe, and so many others trigger moments in my life.

As I sat transfixed to my screen, I watched as model and model came down the runway in designs that I can only describe as Sublime - a word I use only on rare occasions. Without giving too much away, each piece was more delightful than the next; with the starting point already at extraordinary.

Enjoy the show!

January 2019 will forever be marked in my life calender as the Valentino Haute Couture collection for spring 2019.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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STYLE According to the French

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/21/19

The French have nailed my theory of self-expression and confidence as the basis for mastering True Style. Like many others, I too am fascinated with the way in which they carry themselves. They ooze confidence.

In recent months, I've had the privilege of being in close communication with a boutique owner named Sylvia Paixao-Pore', a native of France. She moved to the states and opened a store called C'est LA Vie Clothing Company, which I have dubbed - A Slice of French Paradise. With two locations - Pasadena and Santa Monica, I can always depend of  C'est LA Vie when I'm looking to enhance my wardrobe with unique, one-of-a-kind items direct from Europe.

An important rule of dressing I learned about the French is their careful inventory of their wardrobe. Unlike many of their American counterparts, the French believe in purchasing fewer items, while selecting items that are unique, and made to go the distance. In other words, their wardrobes are based on deliberate and savvy decisions. Which makes sense. Since their wardrobe choices aren't based on the latest trends, they don't feel the need to recycle their closets every few months.

A few days ago I popped into C'est LA Vie to do a bit of shopping, and I thought it would be fun to bring you along on the trip. I decided on the beautiful, liquid gold skirt, and the fur waist pouch, plus another delightful dress I'll share with you in the near future. Please, enjoy watching my latest YouTube video - Glenda Takes You Shopping at C'est LA Vie

Now my friends, here are more images of the beautiful golden skirt. I decided to style it for two occasions. One way is for cooler months, and the other for warmer months. With a careful swap of accessories, and top, you'll see how this one choice brings more depth to my wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed the video and the post. Stay connected for more insider information directly from my slice of French paradise - C'est LA Vie Clothing Co. I will begin a YouTube series where I'll go into the boutique to select my top picks. You won't want to miss this. So subscribe to STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison on YouTube.

For more information and to follow them on Instagram, check out the information below.

C'est LA Vie Clothing Co. on Instagram -

12 E Holly St Pasadena, CA
(626) 714-7301

Santa Monica
729 Montana Ave., #3 Santa Monica, CA

Au revoir,
Glenda xox

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