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Wild in the City: The Wardrobe

by Glenda K. Harrison on 02/17/19

A snake and a bear walk into a bar...

Just kidding. Don't worry, I'm not going to begin this style story with a bar joke. However, I do want to show you an outfit I wore when the hubs and I went out for dinner in the wild city of Los Angeles.

If you recall, I proclaimed the year 2019 as my year of Growth. With that being said, I keep the word and its meaning in the back of my head. So, when deciding on what I should wear for our evening into the city, I decided to don an outfit that would challenge my perspective toward wearing prints - an area I hadn't been too wild about, that is, until recently.

There's always that special something that changes your mind. My special something came in the form of a snake print dress, courtesy of C'est LA Vie Clothing Company - the boutique I dubbed my slice of French paradise. If you missed my introduction into my favorite little boutique, be sure to catch it on this post - STYLE According to the French.

My snake print dress isn't your typical color combination of taupes and browns. Instead, the colors consist of greens and yellows with touches of white. The dress helps create the illusion of the most defined waistline with a smocked band that cinches in the middle oh-so righteously.

Because the weather has been cold with rain, I decided to couple the snake dress with an ultra fluffy, camel colored teddy bear coat, and a subtle snake print clutch bag. Hence my opening remarks - A snake and a bear walk into a bar. Without a doubt, my ensemble for the evening made me feel Wild in the City.

Outfit Details:
Snake Dress: Courtesy of C'est LA Vie (sold out)
C'est LA Vie has unique pieces that come straight from Europe. Shopping at the locations will provide the individuality we crave.
Teddy Bear Coat: Stitch & Feather Boutique (sold out) - Options from Nordstrom

Thank you for reading Fragrant Pages on the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website. If you haven't explored the entire website, I hope you'll take the time to get familiar with this unique platform that strives to bring a more substance driven conversation to fashion and style, and to show women that discovering their true style is a self-care reconnecting experience.

Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on expanding your thought process on the subject of style and wardrobe. Where do you feel you need growth?

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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The Modern Approach to the Twin Set

by Glenda K. Harrison on 02/11/19

Like the next girl, I can appreciate a good sweater set. There's just something about a soft cardigan and sweater that makes me feel pulled together, and yet, quite comfortable. However, even though I dig the traditional twin set, I am also one who loves to edge my way into newer territories - especially when it comes to getting dressed.

In order for our wardrobes to resist going stale, modernity must be adopted. Recently I had a conversation with a woman who insisted her entire wardrobe from the eighties was still fresh. I had to explain to her that just because certain apparel ebbs and flows from our lives, doesn't make what we own from prior decades modern. Modern is taking what we already know and love and putting a new spin on it.

In this style story, the classic twin set is modernized into a cozy and easy midi dress with duster. As usual, I've chose to up the ante on my ensemble by mixing in a clever array of accessories. The results create a look that's comfortable, but by no means careless. Standard but not predictable.

Outfit Details:
Click the links for your shopping pleasure
Affiliate links are provided by Viglink. When you shop and buy from the links, I am given a very small commision.

As you visit your wardrobe, make careful note of the items that have moved past their prime, and have fallen into the area of being stale. After making this observation, consider replacing these old favorites with modern versions. By doing this, you'll still have the wardrobe you love - you've just brought it into the current decade.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2019

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/27/19

Word on the street is the Valentino haute couture runway for spring 2019 was slated to be one of the most incredible shows since sliced bread. Spearheaded by a genius Creative Director, Pier Paola Picciolo, after hearing the gossip, I knew it was necessary to drop what I was doing in order to poise myself in front of the screen to watch the runway LIVE.

Let me put this bluntly, I'm not your A-typical fashion obsessed being. Yes, I love clothing, and all that a really beautiful wardrobe can represent. But, I'm also a person who pinpoints certain periods in her life according to fashion shows. While some people are reminded of events when they hear a certain song, I'm reminded of events by collections. Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marnie, Kate Spade, Phoebe Philo for Chloe, and so many others trigger moments in my life.

As I sat transfixed to my screen, I watched as model and model came down the runway in designs that I can only describe as Sublime - a word I use only on rare occasions. Without giving too much away, each piece was more delightful than the next; with the starting point already at extraordinary.

Enjoy the show!

January 2019 will forever be marked in my life calender as the Valentino Haute Couture collection for spring 2019.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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STYLE According to the French

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/21/19

The French have nailed my theory of self-expression and confidence as the basis for mastering True Style. Like many others, I too am fascinated with the way in which they carry themselves. They ooze confidence.

In recent months, I've had the privilege of being in close communication with a boutique owner named Sylvia Paixao-Pore', a native of France. She moved to the states and opened a store called C'est LA Vie Clothing Company, which I have dubbed - A Slice of French Paradise. With two locations - Pasadena and Santa Monica, I can always depend of  C'est LA Vie when I'm looking to enhance my wardrobe with unique, one-of-a-kind items direct from Europe.

An important rule of dressing I learned about the French is their careful inventory of their wardrobe. Unlike many of their American counterparts, the French believe in purchasing fewer items, while selecting items that are unique, and made to go the distance. In other words, their wardrobes are based on deliberate and savvy decisions. Which makes sense. Since their wardrobe choices aren't based on the latest trends, they don't feel the need to recycle their closets every few months.

A few days ago I popped into C'est LA Vie to do a bit of shopping, and I thought it would be fun to bring you along on the trip. I decided on the beautiful, liquid gold skirt, and the fur waist pouch, plus another delightful dress I'll share with you in the near future. Please, enjoy watching my latest YouTube video - Glenda Takes You Shopping at C'est LA Vie

Now my friends, here are more images of the beautiful golden skirt. I decided to style it for two occasions. One way is for cooler months, and the other for warmer months. With a careful swap of accessories, and top, you'll see how this one choice brings more depth to my wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed the video and the post. Stay connected for more insider information directly from my slice of French paradise - C'est LA Vie Clothing Co. I will begin a YouTube series where I'll go into the boutique to select my top picks. You won't want to miss this. So subscribe to STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison on YouTube.

For more information and to follow them on Instagram, check out the information below.

C'est LA Vie Clothing Co. on Instagram -

12 E Holly St Pasadena, CA
(626) 714-7301

Santa Monica
729 Montana Ave., #3 Santa Monica, CA

Au revoir,
Glenda xox


by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/14/19

If I were to build a cake that consisted of all the ingredients it took to create True Style, the first and main ingredient would be - BeYOUtiful. What does this melding of two words actually mean? In True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, I gave the following definition: Beyoutiful: An interpretation of the word Beautiful, with the suggestive meaning - when a person lives to represent them self, it's indeed beautiful. However simple this one ingredient may sound, it is in fact, one of the toughest to attain.

To live beyoutifully acquires a very strong intimacy with self. When you know yourself in such a profound way, it awakens all that is within you - what makes you tick, what you prefer to dismiss, your values. This is the part of you that is undiminished by time. It is your essence and isn't characterized by a role you may have. 

When I take my clients on the journey of unearthing their true style, I often begin by asking them this prudent question - Tell me who you are without stating your parental, marital, religious, education, and employment status. Often times, the client is stumped. What do you mean? This is often the response I receive. Am I surprised by this? No, not at all.

We, especially women, have buried ourselves in effort to please others. We are taught early in life to assimilate, which often equates to living life beneath a shroud of discontent. This is exhausting to maintain. While many stay buried, others, because of an experience, decide to DIG themselves out and free themselves from a life lived in camouflage.

I can attest. I was one who had to DIG myself out. It took work, but oh-how freeing an experience! No longer did I feel the need to place my very curvy life into a square existence. I now had the charge to live freely in my own BeYOUtiful uniqueness!

The definition of True Style is, An integrated life - When all aspects of yourself, including wardrobe, are in harmony. Without having the potency to live in your own beyoutiful uniqueness, the quest for making that True Style cake will not be attained.

In this post, I'm dressed in an ensemble that speaks of my beyoutiful uniquess. Though nothing I wear can't be obtained by others, it is the harmonious mix of all that makes Glenda - Glenda, which makes this cake come alive.

If you want to DIG even deeper into the subject of BeYoutiful, you can read about it in True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface or by subscribing to the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website and you'll begin receiving The DIG. The January issue of The DIG is devoted to the subject - SUBSCRIBE.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Glenda's Favorite Self-Care & Beauty Products

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/09/19

Hi Friends!

Recently I reached out to the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison community on Facebook and asked what type of videos they would like from me. In this post, I'm sharing my favorite self-care & beauty products. As I'll mention in the video, most of the items I mention can be found on the Beauty Bar page right here on the website. I'll leave the link to the Beauty Bar below the video. Enjoy!

I hope you saw some things you may want to try. Here's your link to the Beauty Bar

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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Leo and I

by Glenda K. Harrison on 01/02/19

Confession: I have always had a stand-offish relationship with Leopard (also known as Leo). Well, let me clarify that statement - I've always had a stand-offish relationship with Leo clothing. I'm cool with accessories.

Until recently, the closest I've ever gotten to Leo was my backpack handbag and a couple pair of pumps. In 2017 I took a dive and wore the print in a dress for a charity fashion show. I was later gifted the feline inspired dress, and wore it for a So What to Twenty post called The Catwalk (click The Catwalk to view the link). Funny thing, after wearing the dress for the post, I quietly tucked it into my closet, and never wore it again. The strange thing is I don't know why I haven't put it in rotation. I loved how I looked and felt. The print wasn't over-powering on my petite frame, nor did I feel unlike myself. What does this say about my relationship with Leo? Well, I guess you can say...It's been complicated.

After doing some pondering and observing of my own sartorial taste, it dawned on me - I seem to prefer wearing solids over prints! When I open my closet, 95% of my apparel is void of pattern or print. The only area I seem to cross those boundaries is in my accessory wardrobe. Perhaps my thought says these small but crucial elements in dressing allow me stick my toes into the water without jumping completely in.

Lately, though, the dipping of the toes has become far less exciting than taking the plunge. One evening, as I perused eBay (my go to sight for shopping) my eyes landed on the Leo print coat I'm wearing in this post. Something about it called my name. Immediately I could imagine it with slouchy jeans or a coverup for some sort of soiree. Nonetheless, I put in my bid and won. Splash! In that instance, my bond between Leo and I went from It's Complicated to In a Relationship.

For the inaugural Fragrant Pages post for 2019, I declared it as the year of Growth (if you missed the post, click Growth). As with the motto of STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison, I believe in nurturing and inspiring the entire woman - Soul, Mind, Body and of course, Wardrobe. With that being said, we can grow in all areas of our lives. When I speak of Growth for a wardrobe, I'm not speaking numeric, rather, I'm talking about a Growth mindset - One that will open our minds and inspire change, or challenge personal believes and norms. 

Leo and I are stepping into a new territory, and I'm confident we'll make beautiful style stories together. What say you, dear friends, where can you grow in relation to your wardrobe? If you wonder where to begin, may I suggest the 'Mini' portion of the Harmony Approach called, Get to Know Your Fashion Personality assessment. Click the link to begin your journey into unearthing your personal style. Enjoy!

By the way, if you're wondering what I'm wearing, here are the details:

Leo jacket originally from the Target Who What Wear collection. It is sold out, however, you can search sites like eBay and Poshmark.
Jeans are my husband's Old Navy jeans in the loose cut.
Straight Outta FIDM tank is from my alma mater - the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Clutch is vintage and belonged to my Mom

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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by Glenda K. Harrison on 12/31/18

Dear friends, as I type this message to you, we are at the dawn of ushering in a new year - 2019. Like most, during this introspective time, the final few weeks of 2018 have been spent dissecting the events (albeit small or momentous) of the previous year, and contemplating that which lies ahead.

During my time of producing content for my now, laid to rest blog, So What to Twenty, for January 2018, I declared it as the year to Blossom (click Blossom to view the post). Twenty-eighteen was met with new friendships, an expanded tribe of business sisters, restored personal relationships, a more precise business model, unique business opportunities, and so much more.

Now, as I sift through the moments of the year, I can safely state - Indeed it was a year in which I peaked my head above the soil and began to unfurl my petals. At times the process was natural and came with ease, and other times, the process was daunting. I'm reminded of a piece by French-American writer, Anais Nin, which states:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

This piece, which is pinned on the office board that hovers just above my desk, is pivotal to my growth journey. When I was of the mindset of remaining tight in a bud...unwilling to blossom and become the lovely flower I was meant to be, life was painful. It hurt to stunt my own growth. When I made the declaration to become Glenda, along with her fullness thereof, the pains began to subside. There were still moments of an occasional aches, but by no means did these pangs compare to the relentless misery brought on by stunting my own growth.

After days of pondering, it is with great satisfaction, I declare 2019 as the year of GROWTH. Like all forms of life, after it ascends from the womb, it is natural to take on the process of growing. However, in order for us to become our most bountiful, I, we, must be nurtured in all the proper elements - Soul, Mind, Body, and yes, Wardrobe (more of this to come in the January issue of The DIG). If you haven't subscribed to The DIG, click SUBSCRIBE.

Dear friends, though you may view this post as strictly a diary solely for my own eyes, I want you to know, my content isn't just for myself, rather, it is meant to inspire you as well. Let's grow together. Happy New Year!

Before you go - the first fashion post for 2019 is Wednesday, January 3, 2019!

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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The Comfort of Tea

by Glenda K. Harrison on 12/02/18

As I type this message to you, it is Sunday morning. My curtains are open. The window slightly ajar. A cool, crisp breeze flutters my curtain sheer. I can hear the sound of a dog barking in the distance. The wind chime outside my window plays a melody. Other than the sounds from the outdoors, it is quiet where I sit. A warm cup of blueberry/lavender tea sits next to me. I stop from time to time to take a sip. Instant comfort.

Is it the tea that brings the comfort, or does it simply add comfort to an already pleasurable moment? Perhaps both. For myself, it is easy to slip into this types of moments. I relish in opportunities like this - where there is quiet, the noise is on mute, and all I have to contend with is when I should reach for my next sip.

It is easy for me to quiet myself, and shutout the noise that surrounds me. I'm not the person who needs constant conversation, or something to occupy my time. It is therapeutic for me to dwell in the comfort of my own thoughts. Where does this level of comfort stem from? By nature I am an introvert. I gain my energy from moments of solitude. However, I live my life in a place where I'm often the center of attention. I know myself well. I know my limitations, and because of this paradigm shift, it's necessary for me to find comfort - comfort in myself and in my surroundings.

As the holiday season burst full steam ahead, I hope you'll find comfort in the joy by hollowing out precious time to yourself. Here's a suggestion: With each sip of tea, close your eyes and feel the warmth of the tea stimulate your taste buds. Distinguish each flavor note of the tea...the blueberry, the citrus, the honey. You'll appreciate it all the better.

Stay True,
Glenda xox

*This post is sponsored by The Republic of Tea*
Shot on location at The Ivy House Antiques

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Relishing in the Art of Dressing plus a New Tool for YOU!

by Glenda K. Harrison on 11/24/18

When my husband first began to notice me (close to over 30 years ago), I was wearing trousers, jacket, tie, and hat. I wasn't dressed in a costume, rather, I elected to style myself in this masculine manner. We attended the same church, and he was intrigued by my unique way of presenting myself. A far cry from the normal 'churchy' attire that he had grown accustomed too. He knew there was something about me that he wanted to explore. Who was this brazen young women in the hat and tie? He wondered. And does her way of dress give telltale signs of who she is as a person?

As time moved forward, and he began to make his interest in me made known, he clearly understood my sartorial choices. Indeed, he found himself falling for a woman who reveled in the art of dressing, and had, unequivocally, learned to express her personality via her wardrobe. The hat and tie weren't merely a hat and tie. Instead, they represented the woman who donned them - one who imagined, dared, and had great fun doing so.

In this look, I continue relishing in the art of dressing. What do the telltale signs from this outfit say about Glenda? I enjoy having fun with fashion. I was inspired by the Dior Resort 2019 collection which was modeled after the escaramuza riders - extraordinary female rodeo riders from Mexico. I have always had a great love for the Spanish culture, and Southwestern inspired apparel is a huge part of my lifestyle (I was born and raised in the great Southwest of Southern California). What else does this outfit say? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

In my over 4 decades of relishing in all things pertaining to style, I have never wavered from the idea of dressing in your fashion personality. I truly see this act as a form of self-care. The meaning of Fashion Personality is to dress in a way that expresses yourself. However easy this may seem, it does require something very important - Knowing Yourself! Therefore, in order to dress in a way that embodies you, you have to spend the quality time it takes to be unearthed. This act alone qualifies as self-care.

Often, women of a certain age have buried themselves with layers of stuff that eventually cover them up, and what they're left with is a person who has settled with being a homogenized image of who they once were. It happens. Right? The good news is you don't have to remain covered. You can begin the unearthing process by joining me for a FREE online video assessment called, GET TO KNOW YOUR FASHION PERSONALITY. I designed this tool especially for anyone who feels as if they've lost sight of who they are, and want to reconnect with themselves by discovering the power of personal style.

Let's begin your unearthing process with the GET TO KNOW YOUR FASHION PERSONALITY assessment. Click *FASHION PERSONALITY* to take the test. Have fun and enjoy!

Stay True,
Glenda xox

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