Glenda K. Harrison - Wholistic Stylist and Author
I'm Glenda K. Harrison, author and Wholistic Stylist. I’m Wholistic because of my in depth approach to Style, where I believe it pertains to the entire person - Soul, Mind, Body, and Wardrobe. A graduate from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, I grew-up knowing fashion would one day have a special place in my life. 

However omnipresent fashion and style have been in my life, in 1994, my beloved mother was diagnosed with an advance stage of pancreatic cancer. It was during this time of supporting and watching her fight for her life, I recognized, true beauty stems from our inner soul. 

In 2008, over a decade after losing my mother, I left my position as a weekly style columnist when I felt a calling in my life to form a cancer support service in honor of my mother. The organization, which stated, If you have to fight cancer - fight it beautifully, was called A Daughter's Heart, and became a true testament to my mother’s beautiful soul. The organization went on to bless thousands of women through financial, love and emotional support. It was during this time I was able to reflect and discovered the most important awakenings often grow out of the most anguishing of experiences. 

In 2013, knowing I had buried my mother in my heart, I re-entered my beloved fashion world with a new prospective. No longer content to just report on fashion trends, I launched a style blog called So What to Twenty, which gave a voice, and demonstrated the vibrancy in woman over the age of forty. I soon began an introspective journey which led to my first published book, a personal memoir titled, A Place Called Peace. In my story I share how painful life lessons can lead to growth and triumph in my journey to find peace and wholeness. After my journey of self-discovery, I took on the behemoth task of giving substance to the meaning of style with my second book, TRUE STYLE: A Look Beyond the Surface - where I cleverly unravel the traits, as well as the wardrobe mastery, and then I beautifully weave together the person who encompasses this multi-layered word called Style.

Through my life lessons and academics, my long stay within fashion, powered by my love for the female spirit, I’m passionate about helping and inspiring women to reconnect with themselves through the power of discovering their personal style. The development of the tool, the Harmony Approach is where your journey begins.

Stay True, 
Glenda xox

About STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison
Glenda K. Harrison has been a part of the fashion industry for well over 30 years. Her career expanded into retail management, visual merchandising, fashion journalism, and personal wardrobe consulting. She is committed to helping women reconnect with themselves through the power of unearthing their personal STYLE. Other stylist may offer similar services, however, STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison considers the entire woman - Because there's more to STYLE than just getting dressed. 

"Committed to helping women blossom into their best by unearthing their harmonious personal style."

Lou & Grey

Do You Know Your Fashion Personality?
"The analysis was wonderful! I most definitely believe the Assessment is very helpful in encouraging someone on their True STYLE journey, as it confirms what's already inside. Even those who say they don't know their fashion personality, actually do. I believe they just don't know how to communicate it."
~Anita Morris
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