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Hi, I'm Glenda!
Welcome to GlendaKHarrison.com - a place dedicated to women who are in search of a harmonious lifestyle - spirit, mind, body and wardrobe. Yes...wardrobe. I am a freelance style contributor, and creator of the blog, So What to Twenty - Where Style and Substance Intersect. I have long been passionate about fashion, but most importantly, about the topic of style. Style is a word which is often over-used, and used in a one-dimensional context, often referring to one's wardrobe. When in fact, style is much more complex, and encompasses our entire essence.  Which led me to write the book, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface. To learn more about True Style, please visit my Library page.

The first book I authored is titled, A Place Called Peace, and is my personal, inspirational memoir that chronicles my journey to finding peace and wholeness after many tragic events occurred in my life. 

 I guess you're wondering more about my journey. Well, to put it mildly, I always had a great passion for fashion and writing, but life somehow got in the way, and like many, I allowed the challenges in life to derail my dreams and goals. There is great news for this story - at the age of 47, I took a journey of self-discovery. After living many years in discontent, I made the decision to go in search of myself. The search uncovered a woman with incredible gifts, with a passion and fire of determination to go after endeavors. I'm here to say, Never let age or circumstances keep you from utilizing your gifts and living your passion.

"When you have a great pain, you need a greater purpose."

Yes, I have suffered great pain, but I'm now fortunate to inspire women who are in search of greater meaning and fulfillment with my writings about my life journey, and as a style enthusiast. This is where your journey begins.

Stay True,

"I had to get to a place 
 I accepted my past, embraced the present, 
 was able to move forward in my authentic future. 
 I discovered my place of peace."
Author and Style Enthusiast